2 Weeks Progress Update

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about the diet I was going to try and here is my progress so far.

So I must say first of all I have had my good and bad days during this time including cheat meals and even a bad allergy flare up, but I have also hauled my ass out of bed at 6.30am to go to the gym before work, had days of nothing but shakes and also turned down some of my favourite foods.

My goal is to look even better in my shorts than I did last year and I am very slowly getting there. 

2 weeks ago I could not even get them up my thighs, a week ago I struggled my way into them and today I fastened them up.

Now, for starters I am annoyed with myself that I got to the point where they could not be pulled up, but I am even more determined now to have them be comfortable and look amazing in time for my holiday in just over a months time.

For me it is best to have goals to work to and these shorts are a great starting point for me. After the shorts fit how I wish for them to I will be onto the next. It is most definitely not about what the scales tell me, but for me it is about how I look and feel in my clothing.

Hopefully the next 2 weeks will also be as great!


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