Workwear Lowdown

Around a month ago I started a new job based in an office and was thrown completely out of my comfort zone when faced with the concept of workwear. The last time I had to wear 'smart wear' was in sixth form, 6 years ago! and as I'm sure many would agree, your style changes drastically between your teen years and your 20s, so what worked for me then would definitely not work for me now.

So, I have had to come up with my own style for the office and I would like to think I'm on my way to having it all figured out, but whilst shopping around for some outfits I came across loads of options which I thought I could style up and share with you all.





As you can see, all outfits are completely different in their own way, but more importantly all still appropriate for the workwear requirements of an office. There are a few pieces here that I am dying to buy and will be as soon as I get my first pay packet!


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