Are You Ok?

Sometimes when I am contacted by a company to create a post on their behalf I am just not feeling it. before I post I have to be completely satisfied that the post will fit in with my usual topics and also with what i believe.

Due to this, when I was contacted with the 'Are You Ok?' campaign I could not say no.

'Are You Ok?' by Thortful aims at shining a spotlight on mental health and giving people the chance to reach out and ask for help.

The card company has teamed up with Gary James McQueen (nephew of the late Alexander McQueen) to create a series of cards encapsulating the concepts of life, death and rebirth.

Gary himself has suffered from Depression and anxiety in the past and wants to spread the love with his card collection.

The cards are priced at £2.99 each and can be purchased from

100% of the profits go to charity 'Chasing The Stigma' who work to normalise and humanise mental illness.

Many people suffer with mental illnesses during their lifetime and depression is a big one. People close to myself have suffered and do suffer with it daily and having people around them willing to help and try to brighten up their day is brilliant support.

More details available online at Thortful and Chasing the Stigma.


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