Bobbi Brown Summer Glow

Over the past few months i have been trying out higher-end beauty products and I can safely say that not one product i have bought has disappointed me so far and my latest buy has made my beauty regime alot quicker.

Bobbi Brown is a brand that I was first introduced to around 8 years ago as my Auntie chose to create her bridal look with it, and the quality of the products was amazing.

Now I am VERY much a fan myself, and was very pleased to add these two new bits to my collection.

The Bobbi Brown Glow stick in "Beach Babe" is the perfect glow for me. Rather than making me look too shiny or even sweaty it leave an amazing smooth gloss affect on the skin and I love it!

The Shimmer Brick in "Bronze" is also amazingly smooth on the skin. No harsh lines and patchy cover, just a summer, sun-kissed glow that looks like you carry the golden hour wherever you go.

These are two of my casual looks and the products complement my go-to style completely. Also as they are compact and in sturdy yet sleek packaging they can go wherever i go.


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