Hey, 2017!!


As the past month has been hectic and illness has plagued me for the entire month (no joke) i took a little break from blogging, but i decided that it was about time to start it back up.

As my bank account is still recovering from Christmas i haven't really been purchasing new clothes or accessories but i had a nose around Primark and picked up a few basic bits to get me by for a short while.

All of the items purchased here cost in total £18, which is AMAZING given the quality and fit of everything i chose. So i thought i would share them, so you too can pick up a bargain.

Gym Leggings, £6

Grey back detail top £4

Rose back detail top, £4

Off the shoulder white top, £4

All products are now currently available in Primark (January 2017)
This post is not affiliated with Primark in any way, all views and opinions are my own.


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