Monday, 30 January 2017

Weekend Antics

Blogging has been such a hardship for me over the past few months so I'm hoping as February is such a busy month for me that i will have loads more things to blog about.

Starting with this past weekend.

Outfit: Tee-primark, Cap - New Era, Jacket - New Look
Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Vans, Bag- Victorias Secret

Soooo, on Saturday evening the bf and I headed for a night away not too far from home just to have a break from the norm. We arrived around 6.30ish and went straight to our hotel room to get freshened up and go for some food. Anyone who knows us will know we love food, but i am quite a picky eater so we opted for Frankie and Bennys which was deffo a good choice!

Outfit: Top - Select (Similar), Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Boohoo
Bracelet - Pandora, Watch - Michael Kors

After devouring ALOT of food we headed back to the hotel and had a drink in the bar before heading to bed for our very exciting day ahead.


After years of trying to get someone to go with me Josh was as excited to be going as i was. Neither of us had previously been, despite not living all that far away and we were not disappointed.

Outfit: Jacket - Superdry, T-shirt - Tommy Hilfiger, Bag - Armani Jeans
Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Vans

Overall i had a great weekend with this nutter and can not wait to do all the exciting things that are planned over the coming months.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Style Stars, Look for Less: Kendal Jenner

As i am sure many will agree the Kardashian-Jenner clan are well known for their streetwear  style, but as usual their looks come with quite the price tag, so to help you lovely people get their look for less i decided to pick one of my most favourite recent looks from Kendal Jenner and show you where you can get similar pieces for just a fraction of the price! 

This look on Kendal Jenner comes in at just over $2000 which most of us just can not imagine spending on one outfit alone, so here are some pieces to create pretty much the same outfit for just £171.96!!

Leather look jacket Zara £49.99

Ripped Mom jeans Topshop £45.00

Round Buckle Belt New Look £4.99

Boots Ego £34.99

Top Misguided £12.00

Sunglasses Superdry £24.99

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hey, 2017!!


As the past month has been hectic and illness has plagued me for the entire month (no joke) i took a little break from blogging, but i decided that it was about time to start it back up.

As my bank account is still recovering from Christmas i haven't really been purchasing new clothes or accessories but i had a nose around Primark and picked up a few basic bits to get me by for a short while.

All of the items purchased here cost in total £18, which is AMAZING given the quality and fit of everything i chose. So i thought i would share them, so you too can pick up a bargain.

Gym Leggings, £6

Grey back detail top £4

Rose back detail top, £4

Off the shoulder white top, £4

All products are now currently available in Primark (January 2017)
This post is not affiliated with Primark in any way, all views and opinions are my own.