Charmful Accessories

As i am sure you all know the faithful pom pom has been the bag accesory of choice for a few years now and up until now i have been quite happy to have them attached to my bag of choice, but after seeing literally EVERYONE with one attached to their handbags i decided it was time for a change.

Now, i haven't had a charm on my everyday bag for well over a month as i have not been able to find one which i feel fits its personality (yes bags have personalities, handbag lovers will get this!) 

Until today that is.

Today, i came across a cute as a button, teddy charm which has now taken pride of place on the handle of my Ralph Lauren handbag. He is metallic and has moveable limbs and like a magpie i was drawn to his lustre.

Here he is, Ralphie is his name and you can pick up your own from New Look for just £4.99  (link at bottom)which is AMAZING!!


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