New Season, New Bag

Soon, i can never resist the opportunity to buy a new bag, pair of shoes or well most things fashion really. This being said i do like to have a reason to buy things (i can be quite imaginative with these reasons) so the new seasonal colour palette seemed like a good opportunity.

Whilst looking around online for a birthday present for my Gran, i decided to check out shoeaholics knowing they had a great selection of designer shoes and bags. I managed to select a bag for my gran, but i also got one for myself.

The bag i chose is from a brand called Juno which i had never really heard much about, but thought i would give it a try as the bag was only £30!! 

Having used the bag daily since it arrived i can also say it definitely holds up to everyday life and i have even received a few compliments on it, so win win!

Bag featured on my instagram feed, @charli_beth

Bag: Shoeaholics 


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