My Ultimate Wardrobe

"My wardrobe is not big enough for all of my things!" is a phrase i say on a weekly basis, but does that stop me buying more clothes and shoes and accessories to make it even fuller?

The answer is no it doesn't.

Whilst i would love a bigger wardrobe the fact is that whilst i am living at home in my parents house, that is not possible. 

My dad built my current wardrobe from scratch into an alcove in my room and i LOVE my floor to ceiling sliding mirror doors, the space inside isn't always big enough. Some of my winter shoes and jumpers are all in storage boxes under my bed which isn't ideal, But it works for now.

Following this this i thought i would share with you some inspo, as to how i would have my dream wardrobe look (if i ever got the chance)

(Inspo images from pinterest, you can find them all on my interiors board here)

But, if like me your dream wardrobe filled with Hermes bags and Giuseppe Zanotti heels feels like a lifetime away and you need some extra space, i found this diagram from really useful in helping me organise my wardrobe a little bit more.

* This post was inspired by MakeSpace, a new age storage service. For more information, check out their self-storage locations. All words and inspirations for the post are my own.


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