Fit for Summer!

"This year i have decided that i am going to get fit!"

That simple statement is something i said back in January with the intention of loosing weight for my 21st Birthday and honestly that didn't happen. I was still eating awfully and would only go to the gym once a week if i could be bothered


5 months into the year and i think i may just be getting into this whole gym life thing and actually be reaching my body goals! Now for those of you who don't know, i lost quite a bit of weight when i was about 17 but since then i have watched my calories and have attended the gym on and off, but i never really took my health and fitness too seriously.

Back in September i was diagnosed with being Wheat Intolerant and that COMPLETELY shook up my diet and changed the way i looked at food, but it still didn't sink in completely.

Fast forward to now and i am managing pretty well with the whole wheat-free diet and i have upped my gym routine in length and frequency (to 4/5 times a week).

The past two weeks have been the major turning point for me with changes in my body and thanks to me taking ALOT of selfies i have been able to track the progress, so pics below are dated and i hope you agree with me that i look WAAYYYY more toned now than i did 6 weeks ago!!

Ill keep my blog updated with my progress every few weeks, but in the mean time you can check me out on Insta @charli_beth  

ALSO!! If anyone can recommend some cute gym gear stores let me know!!


  1. Well done you for making such good progress and sticking to it! I wish I could say the same haha. I'm a coelic and know how hard it is to suddenly change up your diet! Keep at it :) x

    1. Thank you so much! really appreciate the support :) X


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