St Tropez Dark Self Tan Mousse Review

So recently i was chosen by Glamour magazine and St Tropez to try out a new product from St Tropez' new range. I chose to try dark self tan mousse and i was not disappointed.

As someone who has used fake tan on and off over the last few years, i have become a devout fan recently as i feel healthier and happier when it has been applied. If the tan goes on clear and develops overtime you can count me out, i want to be bronzed instantly and find they work much better with my skin type.

Naturally i am VERY pale and i tend to burn in the sun, so fake tan is the only way for me to be evenly bronzed. Sadly these pictures do not show my current level of tan in the best light, but i promise you that in person it seems much darker (think a week in the Med).

I applied the tan all over my body and very lightly to my face (the difference is noticeable), but as i wear makeup daily it is better for me to build my facial colour with make-up rather than the tan.

This St Tropez Dark Self Tan Mousse is not cheap, but i am more than willing to purchase this product when my freebie runs out. I can honestly say it is THE BEST fake tan i have ever used. No burnt, biscuit like smell and it leaves my skin hydrated and smooth; which means no patches! 

Link to the tan is at the bottom of the post, Enjoy!

Pics Taken Make-up free and after having tan applied for 2 days 


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