Trend Of The Week: Slip On Sneakers

Slip on sneakers are not new news, but recently they have become my go to shoe for quite simply the easiness of them. They can be paired with most (if not all) of my casual, everyday outfits and look great.

Celeb's have been spotted in them, left, right and centre, this tends to make me want to stay away from items in general, but having been a fan of the slip on Vans since i was 13, i couldn't quite ignore the chance of having a few pairs back in my wardrobe again.

The two pairs featured here are from Primark and cost around £8 each, i have also since purchased another pair in a pale pink colour as i just couldn't resist!

The quality of these may not be as great as the likes of Vans, but if you are unsure if they are really your style, they are a great, cheap way to try out the trend!


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