Trend of the week: The Leather Jacket

Leather jacket's have stood the test of time and have been around for decades upon decades. Nowadays they come in such a wide range of styles, lengths, colours and textures it sometimes makes it hard to decide which one is right for you.

My rule when it comes to this is, that you can not beat a biker jacket. You can dress it up or down and throw it on over pretty much anything, it is the single most versatile thing you can own.

So, when my trusty, old pleather jacket (that i had for 4 years) started peeling i thought it was about time i got a new one. This time i decided that i would go for a real leather one, as it would last way longer with no chances of it peeling or going shiny. 

I looked for a few weeks before i found one i thought was just right, and my parents decided they would purchase it for my birthday, which i am so thankful for as i have pretty much lived in it since i got it.

Here it is styled down with a casual ribbed tee and ripped jeans - both from Toyshop.

Jacket it linked at the bottom of the post.

Jacket: ASOS


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