Calvin Klein Undies!

As i am a girl who has struggled with underwear fitting correctly and/or comfortably in the past i think i may have just found the solution.

The release of Calvin Klein's #MyCavlvins campaign last year was the start of the brands younger, sportier outlook and it did not disappoint with millions of people rushing out to buy their sets in the effort just to feel a part of the movement.

But, now with the release of their second season the campaign is in no way slowing down, and is forever getting new customers on board.

I am one of them

For my birthday my boyfriend treated me to a set of the original black cotton and white banded thong and bralet and they are the most comfortable undergarments i own, just so comfortable that i just purchased two more of the thongs.

Although these are a different thong than those that come as the modern cotton #mycalvins range they are just as great.

I took some cute pics just to show you my #mycalvins 


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