Trend Of The Week: Winter Boots

As i am sure you all know by now, Shoes are pretty much my hobby (along with blogging) so when i can combine the two, its a win win situation.

2 weeks ago i celebrated my birthday and received a cute pair of Ugg heeled booties, but they were sadly too small and nowhere had a larger size :(

Soo, they were returned and swapped for another style, this time some by Timberland.

Now, if you are like me you will have previously associated Timberland with the large, chunky, worker-style boots they made their name with, but these are something different.

Still made of the same durable material and soled with the solid, weatherproof rubber they hold the characteristics of their flat companion, but they are streamlined, feminine and high-heeled!!

They also come in the classic brown, timberland colours.


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