Guest Post: Spring Skin Cleansing Guide

If your skin is completely dry and dehydrated – don’t worry! The cold winter months have almost come to an end, which means that slightly higher temperatures will definitely bring some great changes in your skincare routine. The good news is that you will be able to get your healthy and glowy skin back in no time – just check out our list of the most important to-dos. Enjoy!

1.     Eat Well
Balanced diet has always been the most important part of being healthy. Foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E are particularly beneficial, as well as those stacked with vitamin C. It actually fights free radicals which damage cells and affect collagen production, which leads to fine lines. Smoothies that feature strawberries, raspberries, blueberries – or any other kinds of berries – are full of antioxidants that have multiple benefits to your skin.

2.     Cleanse
A cleanser that is appropriate to your skin type can be a real life saver for many reasons. First of all, the ingredients list needs to be good to go, because there are so many different substances that can make your skin feel even worse. Harsh soap can dry it out, whereas parabens and different fragrances can be very irritating. Have in mind that mild steam can help with clogged pores, since it will soften hardened oil in them, thus helping you get rid of it more efficiently.

3.     Exfoliate

Cold air in the winter greatly affects your epidermis, which makes your skin dry and dehydrated. Besides that, as we age, the process of regeneration slows down, which causes old skin cells to pile up on the surface. That, too, will make your skin look dull and rough, which can lead even to blemishes and acne. Proper exfoliation removes those dead cells and uncovers the new ones below, which will largely contribute to the healthy and radiant look. This step in your skincare routine will help the moisturiser penetrate deeper into your skin, making it even smoother.

4.     Moisturise
Low temperatures leave our skin dried out, which is why it needs to replenish all the moisture that it has lost. Moisturiser has a very important role here, simply because it is essential that your skin is hydrated after the winter. Choosing an organic face moisturiser is always a good idea, simply because it works perfectly for all skin types. With organic beauty products you can always be sure that all the toxic chemicals are excluded, which makes them appropriate even for the sensitive skin. Such a moisturiser will nourish your skin and make it look luminous.

5.     Don’t Forget the SPF
Even though the spring sun doesn’t seem that strong – it is much more harmful than you are actually aware of. During the cold winter months your skin was not used to being exposed to the sun, which is why your epidermis is much more sensitive to its effects in the spring. Sunscreen is absolutely inevitable, especially for people with fair skin complexion. Just slather on your favourite sunscreen lotion the next time you are out, and you are good to go!

Now when the end of winter is finally approaching, it is high time you changed your skincare routine and made it more appropriate for the different weather.  Just have in mind that your skin will need additional care in the next period, and everything will be just fine. This is exactly why a wide range of different creams, face masks and scrubs were invented – get pampered and give your skin the best you have got!

This has been a Guest Post from the fabulous Peter Minkoff
Beauty Editor at HighStyleLife
Twitter: @MinkoffPeter


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