Make Believe Tan Review

Fake tan is either something you love or hate, and for me it is a definite LOVE!

Naturally i am very pale (to the point where foundations are hard to buy), so for majority of the year i do wear fake tan.

Previously i have used a range of tans from St Tropez, Rimmel, St Moriz, Garnier . . the list goes on, but everyone has left me with either a patchy un-even colour, turned me tangerine or smelt awful.

This all ended thought the 6th December 2015 when i purchased a Make Believe Fake Tan goody bag from the Clothes Show Live.
It was a few days before i gave it a try, but it is AMAZING!

It leaves me with a healthy-looking glow and smells great, rather than like burnt biscuits. My skin does not feel heavy or greasy and the tan also does not transfer to all of my clothing.

I chose to try the mousse, instant and lotion fake tans and have used all three religiously since, and there has not been a week where i haven't used one of these products.

I personally prefer the mousse and instant tan to the lotion as i feel that does not sit as well on my skin as the other two products, but when i naturally have a tan i think it will be great to help keep me glowing and moisturised for longer.

1 coat of the instant tan - no filter just flash

Mousse after fully developed - no filter just flash

You can get the products direct from their website and i for sure will be purchasing again!


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