Trend Of The Week: Grey Denim

If by now you haven't noticed that i wear ALOT of grey, then you probably will now. 
Grey is honestly the most common shade in my wardrobe. I can never resist another grey knit or tee and as you may have seen in my other posts, my room is grey and white.

It is honestly one of the most versatile colours and i wear it year round, so when my fav jeans ripped last week i started the hunt for another pair.
Sadly the jeans i had before do not exist anymore, so when i saw this amazing grey pair i couldn't resist. 

From the ever trust Primark yet again, i know these will be my everyday go to pair, for a  longer-lasting pair i may invest in some more expensive ones, but for jeans i intend to wear to work and uni £13.00 is fine by me.

Shirt: Next
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Deichman
Bag: Dune


  1. I love greys and natural hues! I live in greys and blacks!

    1. So do i! Great minds must think alike!


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