Fake Nails For All

Fake nails are something you either love or hate, and i love them. 

Saying that, i don't actual wear them very often and when i do it is usually for a special event. Up until now i have also always had them done in a salon where i have sat for at least 40 minutes whilst a technician has worked their magic.

Recently my mom saw some fake nails in Avon on offer and bought two sets for us to try. They were stick on nails (no glue) and neither of us had much hope for them staying on if i am honest.

I fitted them within 10 minutes and from the moment they went on they felt reasonably sturdy. Now here is the great part - they did not fall off!!

I had the nails on in total for 4 days and the reason i had to take them off in the end was because me being me, tried to open a parcel without scissors and caught the end of the one nail causing it to lift off.

4 days with stick on nails has actually left me amazed. The nails are a great quality and i will be sure to purchase some more in the future for particular events, but for the festive season i will be getting them done in a salon, purely because they do last longer.

These nails can be picked up from Avon for around £9 a set without any offers being available.


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