A Very Merry Christmas

Firstly i would like to say that i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas filled with everything they wished for, and that you all spent it with your nearest an dearest.

My christmas was great. It was spent with my close family and i received gifts that were a complete surprise and i knew nothing about - which is the best kind if you ask me.

I think i definitely ate and drank myself into a food coma for most of the day, but it was Christmas so fully acceptable.

Instead of listing all i had for christmas i thought i would just share a few of my favourite bits of the day with you and no doubt some of my new gifts will be featured in fashion and beauty posts to come.

White Roses (My Fav flower) and my Pandora bracelet finally complete after 3 years.

Michael Kors purse, Yankee Candle and Marc Jacobs perfume - surprise extras from my parents and Revolution eye palette and bronzer.

My Lil Bro got a complete surprise with a guitar and full extras from our Nan

And of course i had to feature my outfit - Coat: Miss Selfridge, Top: Boohoo, Skirt: TopShop, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Jewels: Little boutique in Venice


  1. I got that perfume too! I love it!xx

    1. I know its great! hope you had a great christmas xx


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