Trend Of The Week: Understated Sparkles

As we all know party season is approaching so almost everything in the shops has suddenly become bedazzled in sequins and glitter.

Now i like glitter and sequins in general but, on me not so much. My skin marks very easily so as sequins and glittery clothing tends to be quite scratchy i end up covered in quite unattractive red marks; so i tend to avoid them at all costs.

This week when shopping for a trend i came across alot of jumper with hints of sparkle and was surprised at how soft the material was, so i bit the bullet and took a few to the changing rooms to try them on.

My findings were that quite a few of them were still very itchy and uncomfortable, but a few were actually wearable. As it is nearly christmas i decided to just by the one (saving for something big atm)

So here it is, an understated, sexy sparkly jumper that doesn't irritate your skin . . .

Jumper: New Look
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Boohoo
Belt: Primark


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