Jimmy Choo Shoes

As my 21st birthday is a few months away i decided it was time to treat myself to something that i have wanted for AGESS!

I think every girl has a thing that they would choose to buy over anything else and my thing is shoes!
I have that many pairs that i can never remember exactly what is in my wardrobe and some even have to be stored in other places now as the wardrobe is over-flowing!

One of my personal goals was to get my first pair of proper designer heels, so on Saturday i hit Birmingham with selfridges in my sites and bought my first (and deffo not the last) pair of Jimmy Choos!

Here they are in their first, un-boxing glory and i really couldn't be happier with my decision to go for these classic, black patent court shoes!

I'll stop rambling on now and let you take a look at the beauties!


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