Eye Eye ;)

So you have probably gathered this post is going to be about eyes.
More specifically Eyelashes.

A couple of weeks ago i decided to try out semi-permanent lashes. I had never really tried anything like this before except the false lashes you apply at home, so i was slightly apprehensive, but i have to admit i LOVED them once they were on. 
If you have read my posts for a while you may remember one covering my fav mascaras and have seen how little eyelashes i actually have (here), this product beats all of them hands down!

It took about 2o minutes for the technician to apply them and i was told they would last 7 days. Me being a slight sceptic thought yeah right they won't last 7 days 


I was wrong! They did last exactly 7 days.

After they came off i felt bare again, now i am just waiting for another event so i can get them done again.

Here are some pics from when i had them done, and i would seriously recommend anyone gets them done as they really do just finish off your glam.


  1. These suit you so well! Gorgeous
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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