Boutique Of Molly Sparkly Dress

Another post on the Boutique Of Molly is here!

As you all know i have worked with the brand a few times already and i love their clothes!
They always fit perfectly and the quality is great.

So, with this in mind i decided to browse their site a few days ago and saw this amazing dress, which i knew would be perfect for the party season; more specifically new years eve.

Now i will say this does does moult glitter slightly, but i am sure after a few wears it will be fine as the excess glitter will have fallen off. Another thing i must say about this dress is that it is extremely soft on the skin, having sensitive skin is an issue for me with glittery clothing, but this is great!

So without further ado, here is the dress, and remember to use my code CHARLIBETH20 for 20% off your order with them!

(please also excuse the picture quality, i'm having some slight camera issues atm)

Shoes: Boohoo


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