Boohoo Black Friday

So if you haven't guessed this post is all about Black Friday - a sale day like no other!

On the 27th November stores all over the world hold a MASSIVE Sale and bargains galore are available for a very short amount of time.

So in the spirit of the day i have styled up an all black outfit just for you lovely people who read my blog. I thought i would challenge myself to buy pieces i would never normally consider and i have to say i have now fallen in love with bodysuits!

All of the items featured are from Boohoo and are linked at the bottom of the post.


Bodysuit: (link)
Skirt: (link)
Heels: (link)

This post has been created in association with Boohoo


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the fur trim of the skirt, it reminds me of clueless!

    1. Thanks Hun :) thats exactly what it reminded me of too, i just had to have it!


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