Trend Of The Week: Studded Shoes

Studded shoes are no new phenomenon or really a new trend because they have been around FOREVER! But more recently a new style of studded shoe came on the market

The Valentino Rockstud caught the eye of many fashion-obsessed women around the planet, me included, but sadly due to the price-tag attached to a genuine pair of rock studs i had to find a look-a-like pair.

The search was over this week as i found a perfect pair in, wait for it . . . . New Look.

Although there are some very obvious differences between the two shoes, i think they are similar enough to satisfy my need of owning some.

So here are the shoes i bought styled up with a simple grey Topshop vest and black River Island skinny jeans.

The Genuine Valentino Rockstud shoes

And now my look-a-likes


  1. Omg I much prefer the look-a-likes! They are gorgeous! Great find! :)

    Tania | x


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