Trend Of The Week: Khaki

This week its all about KHAKI!!

Rather than focusing upon a dress or style, i thought a colour would be a great change.
I decided to focus upon a dress specifically for this post, but khaki is in every shop i visited on the high street.

From small boutiques to Selfridges, everywhere is selling khaki - dresses, shirts, jeans, shoes, bags and the list goes on.

If you would have asked me a year ago to wear this colour i would have down right refused, but everyone changes and as you grow your style, tastes and opinions change.

So rather than me waffling on forever, here is KHAKI. . . . .

When looking for khaki items to shoot i came across quite a few that caught my eye and thought i would share a few of these items with you

And heres one for the boys,


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