NO!NO! Hair+ Update

As promised this is the 45 Day update on the NO!NO! Hair+ 

If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember my last post on the NO!NO! and will know how unsure i was on how well this product actually worked.

(check out the first post here)


Firstly, i am unsure weather or not the device i had was fault as i had two of the thermion tips burn out within 8 uses. This meant that to continue using the device i would have had to purchase a set of new tips; these come it at around £30.00 a for a set of two and working on how quickly the first two sets died, i believe it would have cost me a small fortune to actually reach the 45 day point.

Having said this after 8 uses of a device (over 2 weeks) that claims in its advertisement to remove hair first time, and DOES NOT state that it is a progressive treatment you would have expected to see an improvement.

The hair was still very obvious and prickly and had i have wanted to wear a skirt or dress, that would not have been possible.

So, to cut a long story short i managed to return the device to Boots - who could not have been more helpful.
I received a full refund and am very happy to have returned to my in-shower shaving methods which actually removes the hair rather than simply producing a burning smell.

 Before this post i tried to contact No!No! themselves asking if it was possible i had a faulty device or if their product just did not work as well as they claimed; the company did not respond to my messages in any way.


Do not buy a NO!NO!
They really are not worth the money and their advertisements are extremely misleading.


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