Trend Of The Week: Ankle Boots

As always with this time of year the ankle boots from last year start appearing in your day to day life once again, but what about if you have wrecked your most favourite ever pair?

This is the situation that faced me this week when i pulled my boots from the bottom of the wardrobe. Dirty, saggy and with a few holes my favourite boots were dead.

So i set myself the challenge of finding a new pair and these are what i found.

Boots: Emilio Luca X
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  1. Those boots are so cute! I need to get myself some new ones because my last pair got worn so much there wasn't much left of them in the end.


    1. Thanks :) i know the feeling i always wreck my fav pair every year leaving me searching for a new pair. May have to buy 2 pairs of the next pair i see x


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