The NO!NO! Hair +

As the title suggests this post is all about the No!No! Hair + 

Not my usual type of review post here but,  I had been umming over buying this product for a few months and a couple of weeks ago i decided to go ahead and buy it.

I was really excited to try it out and after seeing countless ads for the product was sure it was really going to be the answer to getting rid of my unwanted leg and armpit hair.

The advert itself and the guide that comes with the product suggests that after even just one use you are hair free and smooth.


You indeed are not. You are left with rough, short hairs that are clearly visible, even after using the buffer pad provided with the product.

After using the product 4/5 times i was seeing no difference what so ever so i decided to give the customer services department of No!No! a call.

The lady who answered was lovely and told me that that advert is slightly "misleading" as it actually takes an initial 45 days (with the No!No! being used every other day) for the product to give the results shown in their advertisements. 

Now i am not one to usually say bad things about products in public but, the fact that the product is not shown as a progressive treatment and it very much is has annoyed me.

I made the phone call and received the "45 day treatment" advice on Tuesday 8th September.

This is the start point and in now 43 Days from this post i shall update you all on if the product has worked or not. 

Fingers crossed it does!

If the product then has not achieved the hair-free, smooth look it claims that it can, my words may not be so kind

Have you purchased a No!No!? Let me know your results in the comments or on twitter you can tweet me @charlibethbird


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