Subtle Statement

As last week was London Fashion Week i decided i would take one of the looks that has been seen 100x over and try to make it my own.

Statement earrings are a symbol of a girl on a mission. Pop a pair in and slick on your favourite lippy and your ready to conquer the world, but what if the thought of having large, ostentatious earrings fills you with dread?

I am one of these girls. 

When i was probably around 12/13 i decided it would be a great idea to begin stretching my ears. I just thought i would love them and never take them out. I wore them for around 4 years and when i took them out one ear healed up great, but the other not as well.

Now don't get me wrong i was not left with giant, saggy loops of skin but, an earring with any weight pulls it down and looks awful. Studs also have to be reasonably large to avoid going through the hole and falling out completely.

So, rather than larger than life, colourful masterpieces i prefer my ear jewellery to be alot more subtle these days. So i decided to show you my current 3 fav earrings that make a classier and more elegant statement than my aforementioned stretchers.

Simple Studs for everyday wear than brighten up any outfit when they catch the light. (They also come in an array of colours!)
Earrings from Warren James

I could not resist these beauties and can not believe how expensive they look when on.
Earrings from Primark for only £1.50!!

Recenetly i have really been loving my plain silver hoop earrings and thought this was a great new take on the classic hoop.
Earrings from Primark.

I hope you liked sweet, lil' post on earrings.

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