IOW: What i Wore

After my previous post showing you what i did whilst visiting the Isle Of Wight, i thought it was only right that i also showed you what i wore whilst there.

Choosing and creating outfits is something i thoroughly enjoy, although at times it can be stressful. Packing for English weather is something that stresses me quite alot; you never know if it will be scorching sunshine or torrential rain so packing for a week away in the UK Climate is a pain.

I did manage to fill quite a large suitcase for this trip (we did spend 7 days there after all), and i can say i wore pretty much everything i took with me, and even some bits i didn't really intend to wear.

Now thats enough talk so, to the outfits we go . . 

First night on the holiday park

Armour-up at Carisbrooke Castle

Evening meal attire with Mom

Beach Day

Casual for The Needles

Quick shoe and jewellery change for the night

Warm day at Monkey Haven

Sorry about the quality of some of my images, iPhone front camera's and selfie sticks aren't always the best idea.
Want to know where my outfits are from? comment below and ill be sure to reply :)

Hope you all liked this post, look out for more from me soon!


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