Holiday Footwear

Shoes are a VERY Important part of any outfit. for one they protect your feet and secondly they can either make or break your look.

When at home you have the choice of your entire footwear collection (which in my case is pretty large), but when away your choice becomes quite limited.

Selecting shoes for a holiday is a hard task. 
You want comfort, style and versatility all from a few pairs of shoes.

Over the past couple of years i have not taken enough shoes on holiday with me, i also come to find that i should have bought another pair of heels or an extra pair of sandals.
So this year i have planned it out. 

All of my outfits have been planned out and so have the shoes, so i have decided to share the shoes i am taking away with you.

My nude pointed court shoes shall also be coming along for the ride. Hopefully all these shoes will fit in my case, if not i shall have to minimise.

Lets hope they all fit when i come to pack later on this week.


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