One of the most famous current beauty trends is contouring.

Up until today i had watched countless videos of how the technique was done, but i had never tried it out for myself.

On Sunday i visited my nan and she gave me the magazine that comes with the news paper off a weekend. Inside was an article on contouring.

After reading through the magazine, it got me thinking about trying it for myself.
So, on Monday evening i ordered a palette from an Amazon company. It said this palette could be used for contouring, highlighting, colour correction and as a concealer.

Sounds amazing right!
I thought i would be waiting for a while to receive my palette, but today it turned up.

As i was just heading out to the gym i decided to open the packet and take a quick look before i went.

Now although it is quite small (i knew it would be) i am pretty pleased. Since i am a contouring novice i thought this would be a good way to practice and given that there are a few shades to choose from, it will help with me selecting which will worked best for me.

Back from the gym and running a few errands, i had a relaxing bath then decided to try out the palette.

Following the sheet from the magazine i applied the make-up from darkest to lightest shade (plus using a separate highlighter for under my eyes, one is included in the palette though)

Shade-wise i was not too adventurous this time, and i do believe now that i could have chosen slightly darker shades.


For my first attempt i must say i think it has turned out pretty well.

I think i did pretty well for my first attempt. I shall be trying this again in the morning, i can only get better at doing it - hopefully.

What do you think?

You can get the palette from amazon here (Contouring Palette )


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