Bank Holiday Buys

As the title suggests, this post is all about my latest purchases.
Its not very often i buy quite a few items at once, i normally just purchase things singly.


I decided to treat myself to a few items when i went shopping on wednesday. I went with a list of what i was after and stuck to it pretty closely (which i can say is a big thing for me) And i even told myself no to some very nice jacket's in H&M

So here goes,

Primark Trainers, £6.00
Perfect for my holiday as i always seem to wreck whatever trainers i take away with me, these will be replacing my converse whilst away and no doubt will be orange by the time i get home. 

Primark Shoes, £6.00
I have been after some lace-up flat shoes for a while, but whilst searching i came across these and though they were the perfect alternative. I have now worn these shoes and they are VERY comfortable.

Claires Accessories Phone Case, £6.00
My current phone case is looking a bit tired, so i thought i would try a new case. I love the look of bumper cases, but wanted my whole phone to be protected so this case is perfect for the bumper look with the protection of a clear back.

Claires Accessories earrings, £18.00
It has been years since i have purchased earrings from Claire's, but i couldn't resist this set as my everyday earrings needed replacing and this are just perfect. The gold toned earrings caught my eye also and i couldn't leave them behind.

Poundland face powder, £1.00
I have never used this face powder before, but i have used the brands lip liner and it does not disappoint. It is pigmented and long-lasting so hopefully the powder will be just as good.

So thats the lot from Wednesday, since then i have purchased a few more bits and bobs which shall be featured in my next post, so keep your eyes peeled.


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