2nd Year of Uni is over..

This past Friday marked the last day of my second year of University, and i can honestly say this academic year has been the most challenging yet!

Although the shortest year ever (8 months including Christmas and Easter breaks) i have been more productive than ever. 
These past few months have seen me produce my best works.

So, to celebrate i have decided to show you my favourite works i have produced this year.

In September we started back knowing we needed to have a rough idea of which part of the industry we wanted to work within. I thought fashion, but through research and shoots i realised that post-production (or retouching) was where my heart was.

This is the first image i heavily retouched, changing the light, shadows, tone etc.
I shot quite a few images following the same form in the following months. before deciding to try some image restoration.

Talking old family photo's i "fixed" damaged portraits from as far back as the 1930's
They turned out great and i am continuing this project with every old, family image i find in such a state.

After this i moved on to more heavily and obviously retouched imagery which is where i currently am now.

Now i am currently working on extending a few bodies of work previously worked on and starting a few new projects. 

Summer shall be full of idea generation and test shoots (along with personal work) for starting my third year of university and then moving into the vast world of photographic post-production

You can see more of my work here  - www.charlottebird.com
(make sure to check out my portfolio and projects sections)


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