The past week has been one where i have not had much space to breath.

With work, Uni and a gym routine to stick to i haven't really had time to plan a proper blog post.

Hectic it has been, but that is just the way i like to work. A constant flow of things to do makes me work even harder.

Instead of leaving my blog with nothing i have decided to post a picture i have taken each day from this past week.

Although i shall be completing work experience shadowing a Retoucher (Excited and nervous about this!!) Hopefully next week my blogging routine should be back to normal.

18th April - Having a 10 minute break from coursework

19th April - Photoshoot time!

20th April - New Nail Colour

21st April - Photoshoot with Barbie

22nd April - Editing my Photobook

23rd April - Using the library at Uni


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