Healthier Easter Treats

Easter - the time when chocolate is EVERYWHERE!

This is amazing when you are a kid, but as we grow and realise we can't just eat what we want when we want it becomes a slight nightmare.
Especuallu if like me you are just beginning your quest for the perfect bikini body.

Now by no means does my "diet" mean i do not eat chocolate or sweet things. My intake is just moderated and calorie counted. 
So for those out there who enjoy the sweet things in life, but do not want all of the calories that go along with them then this post is for you!

Healthier Easter Treats!!!

When researching my favourite recipes for this post, i asked my brother what he would class as a healthy easter treat, his response was "just throw a protein shake in a cake" so although there is probably a recipe out there that for-fills my brothers idea of "healthy" i think ill stick to some genuinely healthier options.

First up, Easter Egg Cookies

At only 90kcal each these are the perfect light yet sweet snack for anyone, and also fun to decorate.

An unusual take on the classic cheesecake that at 117kcal (per bar) mean that they may even be space for more than one piece.

These look amazing! and at around 95kcal per bite i think i may even try and tackle making them myself,

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There are many different versions on this site of a healthier creme egg including normal, dairy free/vegan and sugar free.

The calories aren't stated, but they look amazing!

Image from

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Now never having tried peanut butter i feel these would be the perfect reason for me to try it.
No calories mentioned again, but would be quite simple to figure out whilst making them.

To finish off this Easter treat post lets go with an oldie, but goodie

Now this recipe isn't exactly what i would call low calorie at 284kcal per serving, but we all deserved a real treat now and again,

So there we have it, my "Healthier Easter Treats" post, 
I am to do some baking over the weekend and i shall post my creations (As long as they go right) next week, but until then i hope you all have a fun-filled Easter weekend.


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