Happy Easter

I thought i would attempt some illustration on Photoshop for a change and here is the result, a somewhat crudely drawn rabbit.

Maybe drawing on Photoshop is not quite my forte, but oh well is CHOCOLATE TIME!!

Instead of doing a post purely based on Easter i thought i would first share my outing yesterday.

After spending all morning debating where to go for the day my Boyfriend decided we would go to Waseley Hills Country Park. Although outdoor activities aren't exactly what i would call my favourite thing to do, i enjoyed our walk (once i had got over the fact my new boots were covered in mud) 

We had cake and hot chocolate (technically for breakfast) which spurred me on, then returned to the visitors centre for a Jacket Potato.

Walking under a Pylon

Jay Exploring as ususal

Walking through the Woods

It was ever so slightly muddy

Now my last post featured healthyish easter treats, now i did fully intend to bake one of the recipes i posted, but i leaned towards the classic Victoria Sponge with a cadbury chocolate topping. Intead of making a full cake i decided upon smaller cupcakes, and working out that each cake only contained 135kcal meant they were a light sweet treat for all to enjoy.

Although my decorating skills need some work i can definitely say they tasted pretty damn good.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the Easter break and don't eat too much chocolate!


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