As the title suggests, this post is all about hair; more specifically MY hair.

Over the years i have had pretty much any colour you can think of eventually all of the colouring took its toll on my hair.

In 2012 i  was left with extremely short, broken, bleach blonde hair which felt like Gum. Never again shall i attempt to go completely blonde.


I  have decided to show you my hair from the good, the bad and the ugly.

2010: The red had started to sneak its way into my hair, this was just one long, wide red streak on the left of my head. (Picture is from a Taste of Chaos concert)

By the end of 2011 my hair was all over bright red. This picture is unedited it really was that red and i LOVED IT!!

At this point in 2012 i had black hair - i did not want black hair, but it was a stepping stone to the next colour . . .


This is how it ended up, I've never shown this picture before because i was so ashamed, its horrible it was like gum and alot of my hair broke off before and after this picture was taken.
I started wearing extensions so my hair looked better and after this i was scared for a while to have my hair dyed.

After about a year of the blonde mess and extensions (Top pic)  i went back to a light brown with extensions and eventually without (bottom pic) and tried to get my hair back in a good condition.

And now 3 years down the line from dying my hair blonde i have my condition back. I am now very cautious about what products i use and about using constant heat on my hair.
I still have it dyed, but less often and more of a natural colour.

This is how my hair is now naturally a wild, bushy mess. It isn't exactly how i want my hair to be, but it is getting there slowly and most definatley without bleach!!!


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