Sunday Dinner

Today i cooked my first Sunday roast. On my own, For 5 people, completely un-aided and i am pleased to say that it was a success. Although i do not have a picture of the end result i can happily say that we had clean plates all round at the end of the meal.

Other than cooking i also spent today working on my lil "Carli the Corsa". She's not the most spotless of cars during Uni semesters as i enjoy eating oat cereal bars if I'm running late or slightly peckish before lectures, the only thing is they seem to get EVERYWHERE.

So today i took the time to clean all of the interior thoroughly, dash, mats, the lot. The main reason behind the clean though was not because my car was actually a mess (this time), but because i purchased a new car radio yesterday which my boyfriend kindly fitted for me (and did a great job as always).

I now have bluetooth - handsfree, a usb connection and a AUX lead. Going up in the world!
But the best part of the radio in my opinion is the fact that it changes colour!!!! call me sad, but this is literally the factor that swayed me into buying this particular radio.

Look how pretty it is!!
So although most people could think of many, many better ways to spend their weekend i can safely say that i have quite enjoyed this one.

To finish off this weeks post have a picture of my dad trying snow foam on his car for the first time. I think he may be may have found a new toy!


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