Mascara Madness

For many girls trying new mascaras is what i would imaging to be quite easy and stress free, but for me it is neither of these things.

The reason - i have very few eyelashes. My upper lids have a reasonable enough amount to have mascara applied to them, but my bottom lids have none. NOTHING. You can not apply mascara to eyelashes you do not possess.

This has led to me searching for years for an everyday mascara that makes it look as though i have some decent eyelashes. I have tried brand after brand and have found through trial and error that paying more doesn't always mean looking better.

When telling people of my predicament i also mention the fact that i am not a fan of false lashes. They weigh down your eyes too much for my liking and just to add another brick to the wall i suffer from dry eyes, meaning that i have to use eye lubrication gels and drops quite frequently (Falsies and eye drops do not mix very well).

This situation inspired me to create this post. 
So here are some images of how my current mascaras look on my eyes, some work better than others and the prices do range.

On many days my eyes are red and quite angry looking, but thankfully i am having a good day today meaning my eyes are pretty normal. So I hope you enjoy and if you suffer from the same issues when purchasing mascara i hope this helps.

To start here are some images of my eye with no mascara at all, my natural eyelashes.

The First mascara i looked at was No7 Intense Volume Mascara (£9.95)
Jet black in appearance it goes on very well. Its smooth and the brush is a great shape and size, although i do not think it really creates much volume. After a few coats the lashes start to get very sticky and clumpy, it is a very close line between elegant and trashy with this mascara.

The Second mascara is the Full Exposue Mascara by Smashbox (£19.00)
Although slightly at the higher end of my mascara purchases i really do think this one works well. It goes on smoothly and with only two layers i am ready to go for the day.

This next mascara is probably my current favourite.
BADgal Lash Mascara by Benefit (£17.50)
With a pretty massive brush applicator and a formula that sticks well to the lashes and can be built up easily it gets a pretty solid 8/10 from me.

The Last i have to share is Rimmel Volume Flash x10 Mascara. (£5.99)
This is my most recent purchase and i am pretty disappointed with how it leaves me looking. No volume or shape is added to my lashes and when applied for the first time i went over my lashes again with the No7 mascara featured earlier just to make my eyes look slightly decent

So there we have it. My 4 most recent purchases. 

I know i have not yet found the mascara that is truly "right" for me and believe brush on fibre lashes or lash extensions may be the next move.

Keep your eyes peeled for my up and coming blog posts. I have some great topics to cover!!


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