London Part 3

Here it is, the last of my London posts, i am sure many of you are thinking thank god thats over!


For those of you who are interested we shall end this mini-blog post series with Sunday.

As this was our last day in London we decided to make the most of it. Needing to be back at the hotel to get our luggage from the concierge by 5pm so we would make our train home on time we decided to start at the furthest point away and work our way back to Kensington.

This meant that our first stop of the day was the coca-cola London Eye.
Having never done any of the tourist spots in London i was pretty excited to finally be going on the eye. 

The views from up there were spectacular; allowing you to see more of London than you ever would from the ground. I took many pictures but have had to whittle it down to just a select-few for on here.

We also saw Big Ben on the way!

After seeing Buckingham Palace from the London eye we decided that would be our next stop, so we walked the Red road right to the front of the Gates.

We decided that our next stop after the Palace would be the Diana memorial in Hyde Park.
Its a gorgeous, serene place that i could imaging is full of families in the summer.

(Photo cred to Jay for this one)

After this we walked back to the Natural History museum, stopping for lunch in a small cafe on the way.

The museum is fantastic and is somewhere i would recommend anybody visit, if in London.

After all the walking we were all shattered so we made our way to the hotel, picked up our luggage and got the tube for the last time back to Euston. 

We managed to be quite early for our train so we decided to sit in Pret a Manger to kill some time.

This weekend was one of many first's for all of us; visiting new places and eating different foods. I think my mom had a great weekend and enjoyed her 50th birthday massively. 

Now lets start planning my 21st next year ;P

More exciting posts to come soon, so keep checking back.


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