Friday, 20 March 2015

2015 Eclipse

As the apparent best eclipse in the UK since 1999 has been happening this morning, i took the opportunity to go out and photograph the event. 

Although i managed to get some VERY cool images i wouldn't exactly say they show the true form of an eclipse.


even though i would not say they are "perfect" images i would just like to say that no photoshop/post-prouction has been done to these images other than slightly changing the exposure as they were maybe 1/2 a stop under exposed.

So here they are my fav images from this morning's eclipse. I'll even post them extra large just so you can see how cool they really are.

Been focused mainly on still life and fashion photography this was quite a new experience for me and it proves that even things like accidental lens fog can make for a great photograph if you just go for it.

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