Wednesday, 25 March 2015

London Part 3

Here it is, the last of my London posts, i am sure many of you are thinking thank god thats over!


For those of you who are interested we shall end this mini-blog post series with Sunday.

As this was our last day in London we decided to make the most of it. Needing to be back at the hotel to get our luggage from the concierge by 5pm so we would make our train home on time we decided to start at the furthest point away and work our way back to Kensington.

This meant that our first stop of the day was the coca-cola London Eye.
Having never done any of the tourist spots in London i was pretty excited to finally be going on the eye. 

The views from up there were spectacular; allowing you to see more of London than you ever would from the ground. I took many pictures but have had to whittle it down to just a select-few for on here.

We also saw Big Ben on the way!

After seeing Buckingham Palace from the London eye we decided that would be our next stop, so we walked the Red road right to the front of the Gates.

We decided that our next stop after the Palace would be the Diana memorial in Hyde Park.
Its a gorgeous, serene place that i could imaging is full of families in the summer.

(Photo cred to Jay for this one)

After this we walked back to the Natural History museum, stopping for lunch in a small cafe on the way.

The museum is fantastic and is somewhere i would recommend anybody visit, if in London.

After all the walking we were all shattered so we made our way to the hotel, picked up our luggage and got the tube for the last time back to Euston. 

We managed to be quite early for our train so we decided to sit in Pret a Manger to kill some time.

This weekend was one of many first's for all of us; visiting new places and eating different foods. I think my mom had a great weekend and enjoyed her 50th birthday massively. 

Now lets start planning my 21st next year ;P

More exciting posts to come soon, so keep checking back.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

London Part 2

Today it is my mom's birthday. 50 years old and is wearing well (hopefully i look as good as her when I'm 50) So


Rather than embarrass her further, ill base the rest of this post on day 2 of our London trip.

Yesterday i posted about Friday so today, you guessed it is all about Saturday.

As we had planned roughly what we wanted to do in London we decided to pre-book a few tickets before we went to make sure we gained entry to some of London's main attractions.

Before heading out to our main attraction for the day we had a walk through Queen Mary's Gardens in Regents Park, although it was quite chilly it was still beautiful.

Second stop of the day was . . . . .

A wax work museum filled to the brim with famous personalities. We had quite a laugh here although it was packed full of people it didn't stop us all getting pictures with our Fav wax works.

Dad with John Wayne 

Mom, Me and SHREK

Jay and Lewis Hamilton

Queenie and the Royals (sounds like a really cool band)

Alex and Einstein

Mom and Elvis

Me and Britney (8 year old me would be very happy with this photo)

The rest of the day was spent seeing all the amazing shops including Hamleys (a real life Mr. Magoriums wonder emporium) and of course Selfridges.

Around 4pm we went back to the hotel to chill and get ready for our meal at Garfunkels of the night.

Now to my favourite topic FASHION.

During the day i knew we would be doing alot of walking so i wore something comfortable yet (hopefully) stylish.

Grey turtle neck jumper  - Topshop 
Bag - New look
Coat - Small boutique (similar here boohoo )
Jeans - River Island
Boots - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors

For Garfunkels i decided to dress up a bit but not overly as i was trying to keep luggage to a minimum. I went for a simple monochrome theme. Finished off with nude accessories.

Vest - Definitions
Jeans - Topshop
Heels - Deichmann
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet - Pandora

Tomorrow i shall be posting my final post on London, This has been one busy week for me, but thankfully its almost easter so we all know what that means - CHOCOLATE!!

Many more exciting posts to come

Monday, 23 March 2015

London Part 1

This past weekend was a special one, spent in London with my family celebrating my Moms __th birthday (i shall spare the details of her age until its actually her birthday)

On Friday evening we travelled down to London Euston from Birmingham and made our way from there (via tube) to the Crowne Plaza Kensington.  
As it was quite late when we arrived we dumped our luggage in the rooms and went straight out to find some food. 

We settled on a Nandos (1st one for my Mom, Dad and Brother) then retired to the hotel to get some rest for the fun filled weekend we had planned.

My Travelling outfit consisted of a long sleeved fitted t-shirt from Primark, Ripped Skinnies from River island, Parka from Primark and Black heel booties from H&M

Just a couple of photos of our amazing hotel room  (ft. Jay) at the Crowne Plaza, Kensington

Mom The Birthday Girl and my brother Alex in Nando's

Jason and I in Nando's

Mom and Dad in Nando's

So that was Friday, tomorrow i shall post a special post about what we did saturday and one celebrating my mom's (actual) birthday.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Kensington

Friday, 20 March 2015

2015 Eclipse

As the apparent best eclipse in the UK since 1999 has been happening this morning, i took the opportunity to go out and photograph the event. 

Although i managed to get some VERY cool images i wouldn't exactly say they show the true form of an eclipse.


even though i would not say they are "perfect" images i would just like to say that no photoshop/post-prouction has been done to these images other than slightly changing the exposure as they were maybe 1/2 a stop under exposed.

So here they are my fav images from this morning's eclipse. I'll even post them extra large just so you can see how cool they really are.

Been focused mainly on still life and fashion photography this was quite a new experience for me and it proves that even things like accidental lens fog can make for a great photograph if you just go for it.

Monday, 16 March 2015

OOTD Sunday

As i don't do outfit of the day posts very often i thought it was about time i did one, and i hope to be doing many more as one of the things i am quite proud of is my wardrobe.

Mothers day been the occasions we did not go out to celebrate, but spent the day in and the evening visiting my Gran and Nan.
So i kept my outfit casual and comfortable with my hair in a classic doughnut bun.

Jacket: Boohoo
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Scarf: New Look
Shoes: Converse

Many more exciting posts to come in the next month so keep checking back for more :)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mascara Madness

For many girls trying new mascaras is what i would imaging to be quite easy and stress free, but for me it is neither of these things.

The reason - i have very few eyelashes. My upper lids have a reasonable enough amount to have mascara applied to them, but my bottom lids have none. NOTHING. You can not apply mascara to eyelashes you do not possess.

This has led to me searching for years for an everyday mascara that makes it look as though i have some decent eyelashes. I have tried brand after brand and have found through trial and error that paying more doesn't always mean looking better.

When telling people of my predicament i also mention the fact that i am not a fan of false lashes. They weigh down your eyes too much for my liking and just to add another brick to the wall i suffer from dry eyes, meaning that i have to use eye lubrication gels and drops quite frequently (Falsies and eye drops do not mix very well).

This situation inspired me to create this post. 
So here are some images of how my current mascaras look on my eyes, some work better than others and the prices do range.

On many days my eyes are red and quite angry looking, but thankfully i am having a good day today meaning my eyes are pretty normal. So I hope you enjoy and if you suffer from the same issues when purchasing mascara i hope this helps.

To start here are some images of my eye with no mascara at all, my natural eyelashes.

The First mascara i looked at was No7 Intense Volume Mascara (£9.95)
Jet black in appearance it goes on very well. Its smooth and the brush is a great shape and size, although i do not think it really creates much volume. After a few coats the lashes start to get very sticky and clumpy, it is a very close line between elegant and trashy with this mascara.

The Second mascara is the Full Exposue Mascara by Smashbox (£19.00)
Although slightly at the higher end of my mascara purchases i really do think this one works well. It goes on smoothly and with only two layers i am ready to go for the day.

This next mascara is probably my current favourite.
BADgal Lash Mascara by Benefit (£17.50)
With a pretty massive brush applicator and a formula that sticks well to the lashes and can be built up easily it gets a pretty solid 8/10 from me.

The Last i have to share is Rimmel Volume Flash x10 Mascara. (£5.99)
This is my most recent purchase and i am pretty disappointed with how it leaves me looking. No volume or shape is added to my lashes and when applied for the first time i went over my lashes again with the No7 mascara featured earlier just to make my eyes look slightly decent

So there we have it. My 4 most recent purchases. 

I know i have not yet found the mascara that is truly "right" for me and believe brush on fibre lashes or lash extensions may be the next move.

Keep your eyes peeled for my up and coming blog posts. I have some great topics to cover!!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

March Wish List

This month for me is all about the transition from freezing-cold to almost-warm-but-not-quite. I struggle with my wardrobe this time of year as i find like many other girls i have winter clothes and summer clothes, but nothing for the times in between.

So i have decided to compile a wish list, the top few items that i believe would be perfect for getting through the next month.

Zara £39.99

Lets start with my favourite topic of shoes. These gorgeous Zara strappy sandals are the perfect shoe for this time of year, colourful and playful bringing the feeling of spring into any outfit.

Topshop £25.00

These joggers are perfect for lounging around and running errands. Not too thick (or thin) for this time of the year, great no matter what the weather decides to throw at you.

Whistles £130.00

This Silk and knit jumper is perfect for effortless day to night wear, dress it down with trainers and up with those gorgeous Zara heels mentioned earlier.

New Look £19.99

Swing dresses are the perfect between season dress. Wear with tights and boots or bare legs and converse. 

Karen Millen £450.00

If you make one investment this season i suggest it be a statement piece of outerwear. Big on the catwalks and all over the high street coats are taking over and this one is precisely my kind of a jacket.

Miss Selfridge £45.00

I am a confessed boot hoarder, but all of mine are black. This pair caught my eye with their wooden heel and zip detailing. Something completely new and different is exactly what is needed in my wardrobe.

River Island £42.00

White is in. So why not wear white demin? ripped jeans are also extremely popular on the high street so, two birds one stone, work two trends at the same time with one simple piece.

Next £65.00

Although i have own a couple of playsuits, i have never considered a jumpsuit. Although awkward when going to the loo, this one would be worth the hassle. Don't you agree?

I hope my wish list has inspired you for this awkward time of year.
Tweet me @CharliBethBird with your wish list items to be featured in a future blog post.