Monday, 23 February 2015

February Beauty Haul

I don't very often base posts around what i have personally bought, but after this afternoons trip to the shops i thought i would share my beauty buys with you all.

Today i woke up not feeling too great; a sore throat and running eyes are not what i would call a nice wake-up call.  But i dosed myself up and went to work with the intention of simply returning some items to the shops afterwards.

As it always goes i ended up spending more than i got back from my returns, but my dad will be glad to know that i didn't buy anymore shoes - i didn't even look at them!!

Instead i went around buying some top-up products most i which i use frequently and a few newbies to try out. I don't spend much on my everyday make-up (Except my foundation) as i find alot of lower-end make-up brands work just as well as the higher-end.

So here are todays buys:

The pure make-up wipes are cheap and great on my skin 2 for £1 in most pound stores. 

Dove invisible dry deodorant (currently £2.33 in boots) is a relatively new discovery for me. After been fed-up of having white marks on my dark clothing my mom bought me a can to try and now i am quite happy to keep buying it. 

Seventeen stay time pressed powder (£4.49) is my go to powder, for me it works and keeps me mostly oil-free for most of the day. This is the around the third time i have purchased this product and i intend to keep purchasing it.

The other products featured; Avon lipgloss, lipstick, nail-varnish and the Seventeen WOW primer (£5.99) are my newbies. After managing to get my face decently made-up (most of the time) i decided to up my game and try a highlighter.

I ordered the Avon goodies a while ago and have never been dissatisfied by their products before so when i got these three products plus a make-up bag all for the grand total of £5.25 i couldn't resist.

Over the coming week i aim to use all of these products and hopefully the new buys will become cherished items in my everyday make-up bag.

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