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My Boyfriend Picked My Outfit

Well as you can see by the title this could be an interesting post!

This post could have gone extremely wrong and I could have been left looking like a fool, BUT my boyfriend fully pulled it out the bag.

When I asked him to do this, he was up for the challenge and with a budget of £50 he set about looking online. To help him out I pointed him towards Boohoo, Missguided and PrettyLittleThing. He decided upon the later and set-out to find an outfit I could wear to go shopping or getting coffee; so casual but not exactly tracksuit situations.

In all fairness to Ryan he didn't take too long to pick everything out and when it arrived the other day I was very happy with his choices, but he has requested that I add that the sandals he actually wanted were out of stock so these are runner-ups.

So, here we have a full PrettyLittleThing outfit chosen by my boyfriend.

Now he went over the budget by £5 plus delivery but, I'll let him off on that one.

The dress is a great fit…

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