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Skincare Routine

Up until last year I did not have what I would call a skincare routine. Yes I washed my face, but apart from primer under my make-up and the odd moisturiser here and there I really wasn't too bothered. 
This all changed when my skin clearly decided enough was enough and that breakouts were going to become a regular thing. My skin has never been great, but it had never been as bad as it was coming into this year.
Spot creams, face masks, mattifying moisturiser. NOTHING WORKED! Thinking back I am not sure how much I must have spent on my face, for it all to just not work or slid off throughout the day leaving me patchy and greasy.
Above is my skin in August and I decided enough was enough and went to see the doctor, who prescribed me an antibiotic cream to use and that was my turning point. This did not get rid of all my spots and make my skin smooth, but it did make it all more manageable for me.
Now I have products that I use daily and some every other day and it is working for me. Ye…

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