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Teeth Are Always In Style

Teeth are something that are SO import to me it is unreal!!

I see no reason why people should not have good teeth, they are amazing little things (they help us eat and I love to eat!) so why would you not want to look after them?

Recently I have been considering getting my teeth whitened professionally, but am always scared when it comes to bleach and peroxide being mentioned, plus it is pretty expensive to get done, so before I took the plunge with the dentist I thought I would try one available on the high street.

I decided to try the White Glo Diamond Series Kit, which I purchased from Tesco (but boots have it available here)  for only £15 I honestly was not expecting much but I am actually SHOOK!!

The kit comes with a mouth tray, whitening gel and toothpaste and let me tell you, they work! My teeth were already pretty light before I started this treatment, but after just 7 days, you could really see the difference.

Naturally strong teeth do have a yellow tint to them, but who wants tha…

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