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My Everyday Outfit Staples

80% of my life (outside of work) is spent in casual, comfortable clothes. I have not got the time nor patience for uncomfortable garments or shoes, if it hurts it goes.

This is why my staple wardrobe is pretty easy to copy and wear all year around.

So below are some of my regular outfits and where you too can get similar styles from to fill-up your casual wardrobe and as most of my shopping is done on ASOS, that is where all items linked can be found.

Ralph Lauren Crew Neck Sweater Actual Leggings - 4505 Leggings Black Skinny Jeans Slip-On Vans Purple Tick Air Force 1 Half Zip Pull Over Cord Skinny Joggers White Denim Jacket Printed Motif T-Shirt Love Moschino Bag

I am always buying more and tagging my outfits over on my 21buttons account @charli_beth so if you are on there give me a follow and ill be sure to follow back!

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