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It Cost How Much?

Recently I was searching online for somewhere new to shop. I was fed up of trawling through the same few sites, with the same items and styles as always.

This is what led me to finding

As its name would suggest, everything is £5 or down to as little as £2.50 in their sale and at first I was dubious, I mean how rubbish was the quality going to be for just £5! but after some research I decided to give it a try.

I told myself I could spend £20 and get 4 items, as at that price if I did end up having to bin anything I wouldn't feel too bad about it.

Safe to say the order came within 4 days and I was very pleasantly surprised. All of items on come from other retailers, including New Look, Misguided, Miss Selfridge and Primark to name a few. They are end of lines, or left over stock that did not sell well, that they are selling on at a mega discounted price.

Honestly everything I got is wearable and I am deffo going to be placing another order soon. …

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